According to a post made on Instagram this week, Lupe Fiasco is again having problems with Atlantic Records when it concerns the release of a studio album.

Lupe’s Instagram post has since been deleted, but did save the caption he added to his Instagram post before it was deleted.

In the caption, the Chicago, Illinois lyricist revealed that Atlantic Records won’t release his Tetsuo & Youth album until they get a “pop single” from him. While Atlantic finds a pop single for the rapper, Lupe announced that he’ll be releasing a mini-project titled Lost In The Atlantic Ocean.

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Lupe’s Instagram caption can be found below:

“ATLANTIC RECORDS won’t release the album until they get a “pop” single…so putting together a mini-project while they find one for me. It’s called “Lost In The Atlantic Ocean” with a bunch of my friends to stay active and happy…this a snippet called “Lilies” feat Sirah produced by The Buchannons…finishing today…”

Lupe also previewed a new song titled “Haile Selassie” via Instagram. According to the rapper, the song will feature both Soundtrakk and Nikki Jean and will likely be featured on Lost In The Atlantic Ocean if the project is released.