Jhene Aiko says that working with Childish Gambino comes natural because their creativity balances each other out. Childish Gambino appeared on “Bed Peace” from Aiko’s Sail Out EP. He also directed the video for “The Pressure” from her debut album, Souled Out

“I think that me and Donald work so well together because we both have different creative minds,” the singer says in an interview with Radio.com. “But they complement each other. But it’s like I think we both, we think of things differently just even our whole thought process about regular things are so different but they’re so complementary to one another so when it comes to working together, it just it works.”

The singer also discusses fan reaction to Souled Out, saying people have been receptive to her personal story.

“It’s been getting pretty emotional,” Aiko says. “When people connect to the songs, they really are connecting. To know that they’re connecting with my stories, these aren’t just random words that I’m writing. These are actual experiences. So it means a lot.”

Souled Out received a 3.5 out of 5 in its review from HipHopDX. 

Although Aiko did not end up performing at Def Jam’s 30th Anniversary concert yesterday (October 17), she explained in the Radio interview why she was excited to perform at the event

“Growing up, Def Jam just the name was like legendary,” says Aiko, who signed to the label in 2011. “I am honored to be a part of the company because they have represented so many Hip Hop greats and they’re known for like the rappers. But I feel like because of what I do has so much to do with the lyrics and the words and the artistry that it fits into the legacy that is Def Jam.”

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