In a series of now-deleted Twitter posts, rapper Iggy Azalea criticized the Australian division of her record label for approving the purchase of previously-published pictures for use on covers of Australian magazines.

According to the Aussie musician, the label authorized the use of images from photoshoots she’s previously taken part in for placement on covers of magazines including Cosmo Australia and Maxim Australia.

She also revealed that her private inquires to the Australian division of her record label about the matter have been “ignored.”

“Im going to publicly say something to the australian division of my record label right now because my message seems to be ignored privately. stop giving permission on my behalf for magazines to purchase images of me that have already been printed in major publications for covers. australian label, i love you guys but you allowed my image to be sold to cosmo Aus when i told you i would prefer for that not to happen,” Iggy Azalea said via Twitter, according to

Among the previously-published pictures Iggy says was sold was one from a Complex magazine photoshoot dating back to 2011.

She went on to thank Maxim Australia for featuring her and added that she would have been willing to take part in a photoshoot for the magazine.

“and now this morning i see you’ve allowed maxim australia to buy an image from a 2011 complex mag shoot and put it on the cover…maxim australia, thanks for the love and I’m sorry no one asked me. i would have love to have given an interview & done a shoot with u guys,” Iggy said in a handful of tweets.

In addition to calling out her label via Twitter this week, Iggy also engaged in a social media feud with Snoop Dogg and was caught on videotape cursing out a paparazzo.

Her feud with Snoop Dogg has since ended thanks to a phone conversation held between Snoop and Iggy’s mentor, T.I.

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