When Yung Berg received a role in Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, he says he was focused on reminding audiences about what he’s done and what he is capable of doing.

“I stepped back from being an artist around 2009 and I’ve just been pursuing my career as a producer and a writer,” he explains during an interview with HipHopDX. “I wanted people to know I’ve been Grammy nominated a couple of times: Lil Wayne for The Carter IV, Tamar Braxton’s album. So, it was just all about letting people know, like, I’ve sold millions of records and I’m writing for incredible artists, so, me getting that awareness out there was important to me.”

While reality shows could bring controversy to its co-stars, Berg says he wasn’t afraid of the drama.

“My whole life is on the Internet,” he says. “I’m full of controversy. So, this shit is like a walk in the park for me. At the end of the day, I love the fact that I get to be myself, like, I’m a controversial nigga. You know? It is what it is.”

Although his life has been on the Internet and he’s been talked about by everyone from rappers to bloggers, he says he’s never worried about what people have to say.

“I just put on these Versace glasses and I feel like I’m in the ‘80s in Harlem in Paid in Full,” he says. “Niggas get talked about everyday, B. I don’t give a fid-nuck about none of that shit. I’m turnt up, I got hit records, and everybody gon’ get ‘em. Believe that.”

Berg says he’s also ready to carry lessons he learned from behind-the-scenes to his time in front of the camera.

“My time behind the scenes learned me to fall back, be humble, make relationships, and continue to work hard,” he says. “My time in front of the camera is going to encourage me to go after every sexy, single woman in America, in the world, overseas, anything. If you’re out here on this planet, I’m coming for you.”

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