In a clip that premiered in today’s DX Daily (October 9), Swollen Members emcee Madchild spoke with HipHopDX to discuss the importance of being co-signed in Hip Hop for mainstream artists. The Vancouver, British Columbia native subsequently cites the careers of both Drake and Eminem as rappers who have experienced the benefits of being co-signed from the likes of Lil Wayne and Dr. Dre respectively.    

“Drake won the Rap lottery,” Madchild says. “He’s incredible, his music is amazing, and I listen to him probably more than most other artists. But I might not have even known about him if Lil Wayne hadn’t put him under his wing.

“Eminem, right now, if Dr. Dre hadn’t put him under his wing, could very well be on tour with Vinnie Paz right now—and I love Vinnie Paz,” Madchild continues. “As you know I love La Coka Nostra, Ill Bill and Dilated Peoples. I do love underground Hip Hop, especially the lyrical supremacists of that genre. A lot of people put me in those categories and say ‘When are you going to get your time?’ A lot of my fans compare me to some of the mainstream greats so, who knows?”  

To read more of Madchild’s full-length interview with DX, where he challenges the perceptions of mainstream versus underground Rap, click here

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