A conversation on Atlanta, Georgia rapper Young Thug during Gangsta Boo’s interview with Vlad TV gradually turned into a discussion on the presence of gay rappers in Hip Hop. The Memphis, Tennessee rapper shared her belief that there are “a lot of gay rappers out popping.”

Although Gangsta Boo said there are gay rappers in Hip Hop she revealed that she’s unsure of who exactly they are.

“When I think of Young Thug I think a guy with nail polish…A lot of these guys from what I hear they do the whole overseas thing,” Gangsta Boo said after she was shown a picture of Thug wearing a blouse/dress. “Like the whole Greek Lord thing. So, I think maybe he was trying to pull that off.

“These guys are bonding for sure,” she added. “I wish us ladies bonded like these males. Cause men got some real bromance shit going on…I’m scared of 2015. I don’t know what I’mma see. But Andre 3000 was dressing crazy and doing all those type of things too a long time ago. So, what’s the difference…I think it’s a lot of gay rappers out popping. I don’t know who they are, but I think it’s a lot of ‘em. It’s 2014, man. Nothing surprises me.”

The Three 6 Mafia lyricist later offered her thoughts on fellow artist Nicki Minaj. She gave Minaj props on her newly-released “Anaconda” music video and complimented the Queens, New York rapper on her artistry.

“I like her,” Gangsta Boo said. “I like ‘Anaconda’…Nicki, she did that. She looked fabulous in the video. The bitch just does it. She does it…I think she’s a perfectionist. And I think any woman of her status especially would be not appreciated more than a man. I would assume. Just because she’s a girl, but I think she gets respected. I mean, every time she drops something she breaking records. Like on Vevo and shit…And for anybody that don’t like her rap, they don’t have to. Nobody has to like me at all. It’s just what it is. I think people have their own opinions of what they like and what they don’t.”

At the top of this year, Gangsta Boo revealed that a Three 6 Mafia album is in the works and also shared her plans to release her Witch project with fellow rapper La Chat.

“We’re also working on a Three 6 Mafia album while on the road…Witch is dark and mystic,” she said during an interview with Billboard. “It’ll make people think it’s crazy. Everyone knows I’m a hardcore rapper and crazy. I do it as if I’m an actress in a scary movie. Some people like comedy or drama. I like horror. I portray that in my music.”

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