The RZA says that the Wu-Tang Clan signing with Warner Bros. Records to release its forthcoming A Better Tomorrow album holds special significance. 

“Something very patriotic about Wu-Tang being here on Warner Bros.,” RZA says during an interview that premiered in the DX Daily today (October 3). “Warner Bros. is an American-owned company. They started their company with two brothers in a barn with a camera. And when I think about me and my brothers staring our company, Wu-Tang Productions, with two turntables in a garage, I just felt that synergy wise, spiritually wise it would be a great place to kinda complete our cypher right here in the home of a patriotic company, Warner Bros. I met some good people here, of course, but that was the driving force internally that made me say, ‘Let’s, let’s [partner with] Warner Bros.”

Warner Bros. is slated to release the Wu-Tang Clan’s A Better Tomorrow album December 2. 

RZA says that he wants to make a mark at the storied record company, which has released material from Meek Mill, Common, Ice T, Big Daddy Kane and Jungle Brothers, 

“One day, that ‘WB,’ that ‘W’ there, can be a Wu-Tang ‘W,’” RZA says. “That’s the goal here.”

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