Jeezy says that his new album compares to one of Jay Z’s projects.

“I just feel like Seen It All [:The Autobiography] to me was myAmerican Gangster,” Jeezy says during an interview with XXL. “I didn’t want to do something for the radio. It was just something for my fans. I feel like when Jay did American Gangster he got so many people attention back like, ‘Wow, this far in the game and he can still recite stories that long ago.’ For Seen It All, that’s what I wanted. So now that I got that, I just want to go to the next level and my next phase in life.” 

The Georgia rapper says that his new material, which he expects to start recording once he wraps his three-month tour in support of Seen It All, will showcase another dimension of his artistry. 

“If you ever listen to my music I always talk about what I did, you never hear me talk about what I’m going to do,” he says. “So I think that’s the next phase, the evolution of Jeezy. Me talking about things that I got in the works and the way I’m thinking and moving. So pretty much what a lot of music fans are going to hear from me is a lot of forward thinking music.”

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