Odd Future Radio debuted on DJ Skee’s DASH Radio yesterday (September 11).

“We’re super excited about launching an Odd Future station on DASH Radio,” DJ Skee says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX today (September 12). “It’s a win for everyone. They get to express themselves freely on the air and our listeners get a great new station.” 

Christian Clancy, Odd Future’s manager, explained the channel.

“[It] runs thru phone and online. app is free.. pick the station and hit play.. or listen at dashradio.com,” Clancy said in an e-mail to Fader. “Basically a 24/7 commercial free station for their shows, their shit, their friends and music they like.. live show on tuesdays. specials.. whatever they come up with. could be absolutely amazing or a complete disaster.. ha…go eagles.”

DJ Skee says that DASH Radio, which also has a Strange Music channel, will be partnering with additional collectives.

“This is only the beginning,” DJ Skee also said in his exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “We will be bringing you lots of new stations from amazing talent — musicians, DJs, producers, actors. Stay tuned.”

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