Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ addressed fellow New York lyricists 50 Cent and DMX during a newly-released interview with Montreality. In regards to 50 Cent, Joey called the G-Unit helmsman a genius and revealed that due do the credit and respect the rapper has received in Hip Hop, he watches 50 Cent interviews more than he listens to 50’s music.

While speaking on DMX, Joey stated that DMX is another artist he pays close attention to via interviews. But in regards to the way the rapper is portrayed in the media, the Pro Era lyricist stated that the way he’s portrayed may be his own fault.

“Me personally, I like 50 for his genius,” Joey Bada$$ said. “For his mind. At this point it’s not really about the music because he done earned his respect. He done got his credit. You feel me? He got his hits. And he can keep making hits, but he already got like—He been got my respect. I watched 50 Cent interviews more than I listen to 50 Cent music.

“The story of X itself is an incredible and uncomparable one,” he added. “Just from the start and dating back to when he was seven-years-old. He’s a very influential person to me. He’s another one who I listen to his interviews. I listen to what he got to say. When he was on ‘Def Poetry Jam’ and all that. X preaches the realest shit…I’m a firm supporter of X. I just—I don’t know. I can’t really say how I feel on how the media treats him because part of it is his own fault.”

Joey later offered his thoughts on the current state of Hip Hop shortly after being asked about the status of his upcoming album, B4.Da.$$, which he says is about 90 percent done.

According to the Brooklyn lyricist, the art and culture of Hip Hop is being raped by those who are in it for the money.

“It’s definitely about 90 percent done at this point,” Joey said. “Everything else is sample clearances, features and all that…Don’t even get me started with the Hip Hop game today. I’ll go on for years. You guys know that shit. Long story short, I just feel like today people allow the art of Hip Hop and the culture of Hip Hop to be raped for fuckin’ dollars, yo. Straight up. Mad mediocre shit ruling. That don’t even make no sense. [You] look at these cats’ lyrics they not even saying shit. You feel me? But it sounds good and all that. Word up. It gets you to turn up.”

The controversial Pro Era logo was also brought up during Joey’s conversation with Montreality. Despite the controversy surrounding the logo, Joey shared his belief that the logo is genius.

“I always thought it was genius,” the rapper said. “It’s genius, you know. I see it different now than I seen it two years ago. I’ll admit that. Cause two years ago I was like—Well, three years ago when he first formed the symbol and everything and we started putting up the stickers. I’m like ‘Yo, shit is getting real.’ With the red and the white and black. We all know of course it looks like a swastika, but that was the point. You feel me? That got your attention. If it was anything else it would not be as it is now. So, that’s why I think that it’s genius…The meaning of it it’s peace and love, but it’s also balance. Even if you look at the symbol it’s equally balanced.”

Lastly, Joey Bada$$ shared a memory of Capital Steez, his friend and Pro Era member who passed away on Christmas Eve 2012.

“We used to always smoke in my staircase in my old apartment building.” Joey said. “He’d just come through and I’d be like sitting at the computer right by the window and he’d just scream ‘Yeah!’ I’d go in the staircase and he’d just light it up and shit like that. That was back in the day when I was still getting in trouble for smoking. So yeah, good times right there.”

Joey Bada$$’ interview with Montreality can be found below.

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