Joey Bada$$ has B4.Da.$$ on the way and now the emcee has revealed the names behind some of the album’s production..

“Chuck Strangers, Kirk Knight, Lee Bannon, DJ Premier and Hit-Boy,” Joey says to XXL. “We got some good beats.”

Although he has all of these producers on deck, Bada$$ says fans shouldn’t expect too many guests on the album. 

“Just put it like this,” he says. “Biggie only had Method Man on Ready To Die.”

But when is the album set to drop? 

“It’s coming real soon,” Joey. “I still don’t want to give the date just yet. Let’s just say about a month into the fall. Matter fact, let’s say about as soon as the fall start.”

In October, Joey spoke about working with Premier.

“It’s like, ‘Pinch me ’cause I may be dreaming,'” he said at the time. “Just being there alone, I could feel like the presence of all the greats that came through before me. Just even in that booth, I was like ‘Yo, imagine all the cats that recorded here on this very mic.’ So, I’m like ‘Yo, I just gotta just come correct.’ The vibe there we kinda both knew what we had to do. I gotta take the best from the situation. I gotta grow and I gotta learn. And he was like, ‘Yo, I gotta school this young cat. I really wanna see him do good.'”

(July 29, 2014)

UPDATE: Joey Bada$$’s B4.Da.$$ album is slated to be released January 20, 2015, according to an album trailer released today (November 20).

The trailer is as follows:

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