With his links to both Jay Z and Dame Dash, Def Jam A&R Lenny Santiago was recently asked about the possibility of the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founders working together again.

In response to the question, Santiago revealed that it “is what it is” in regards to the former business partners. He went on to explain that although both Jay and Dame appeared cordial at a party for their mutual friend Chaka last year, it’s unclear “what could come out of” their relationship.

“I believe it probably is what it is,” he said. “It’s nothing that none of us can really answer as far as what somebody’s plan is. When I saw them together at my friend Chaka’s birthday party it was great. It was like a great reunion. Actually, most of the people that worked for Roc-A-Fella on its come up and through the whole duration of that were there at Chaka’s [party]…A lot of people were there. And it was dope. It was literally like a reunion. And it was great…Outside of that I couldn’t say what could come out of it.”

Prior to speaking on Jay and Dame, Santiago offered an update on a handful of artists signed to Roc Nation including J. Cole, Rihanna, and Rita Ora. According to the marketing rep, both J. Cole and Rihanna are working on new albums.

“We have a few things coming, man,” Santiago said. “We have—J. Cole is working on an album. He’s actually putting out a single in the next probably month or two if I’m not mistaken. An album shortly after that. Rihanna is working as well. She has a movie coming on Dreamworks. It’s an animated film called Home. Really dope album as well. Rita Ora as well. Alexa. Rita and Alexa out of the UK. So, it’s a bunch of things that we have going.”

Lenny Santiago’s interview with Vlad TV.

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