According to radio host Charlamagne, Maybach Music Group rapper Meek Mill’s current stint in jail may possibly be for the better. He did preface his comments by stating that “it’s never a good time to get locked up,” but went on to state that Meek seemed to be going through a lot prior to his arrest.

The Breakfast Club personality then criticized Meek’s parole officer for not allowing him to leave the city of Philadelphia.

“It’s never a good time to get looked up, but I was thinking about this, right? Meek was going through it a little bit,” Charlamagne said during an interview with Vlad TV. “Watching him on Instagram. Watching him on Twitter. First of all, his P.O. and them gotta let him get out of Philly. I used to think he was just in Philly cause he was trying to keep it real. But they really won’t allow him to live any other place…It is life or death for Meek in a city like Philadelphia cause he’s the only person that’s on as far as the rap game is concerned. He does stunt a lot. And I’m sure it’s people out there that want to do him harm. Just because he’s successful and they’re not…I think it’s criminal that his P.O. and them wouldn’t let him move.”

Charlamagne later shared his thoughts on Meek calling out fellow MMG artist Wale for not promoting his upcoming album, Dreams Worth More Than Money via social media.

“I didn’t expect that from Meek,” he said. “I thought that was corny. I’mma be honest with you. I didn’t expect that from Meek at all. It seemed very emotional. And truth to the matter is Meek had just announced his release date the day before. I went to go look at Wale’s timeline. Wale hadn’t tweeted since Thursday…So, he hadn’t even been on Twitter. At least give the man a chance to be on Twitter…How about if we supposed to be family, if we friends, call me, dawg. Get on the phone and be like ‘Wale, what the fuck’s up?’ Don’t air it out publicly…I think Meek owes Wale an apology.”

Towards the end of his interview with Vlad TV, Charlamagne again circled back to his comments about Meek’s jail stay coming at a good time in the rapper’s life.

“The reason I say this might have been a good time for Meek to get locked up—We don’t know what could have happened to Meek in the streets,” Charlamagne said. “I saw Meek on Twitter threatening people…Him and Louie V Gutta was going back and forth. It seemed like things was building up for something bad to happen. God works in mysterious ways, man. I feel like God sat him down for a reason for a second.”

Earlier this week, It was reported that Meek Mill will remain in jail until October of this year.

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