Dizaster says that he would like to see rival Lupe Fiasco in a Rap battle. 

“I’d like to see Lupe Fiasco jump in the shark tank and get a fuckin’ limb ripped off of him maybe,” Dizaster says according to an interview on BattleRap.com. “Another arrogant ass dude, always talking shit. The whole thing started between me and Lupe because he felt like he had to say me and Aye Verb are wack. He’s supposed to be this positive figure for hip hop and all this shit and he has millions of followers and he’s just gonna tweet to people [like], ‘You guys are wack.’ It’s like, ‘Cool.’ So I just started talking shit back to him and ever since it has just always been some crazy shit with him. He’s just one of those dudes that starts tweeting wack ass punchlines and thinking that he’s a rapper because he can tweet bars, typing 140 character lines and shit. I’m a battler, bro. I’m a barbarian, bro. This is what I fuckin’ do, don’t come at me with no fuckin’ Twitter typing shit. Go and play in the corner with that shit. Either jump in the ring or don’t talk about battling, don’t even have an opinion about it. Shut the fuck up! We don’t give a fuck what you think.”

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