Evidence talks about Big Pun on “The Dark Room,” a cut off Dilated Peoples’ Directors Of Photography

“I miss Pun and only met him once,” Evidence raps on the track.  

Recently, Evidence elaborated on this line during an interview with Jake Paine for Arena

“I got to meet [Big Pun] at The Wake Up Show, and I got to rhyme with him,” Evidence says. “Redfoo, who is now [in] LMFAO; it was Redfoo and Dre Koon at the time. He comes from a rap-rap background; a lot of people don’t do the history. Anybody who watches LMFAO and thinks that guy is just ‘Party Rock [Anthem,]’ you have no idea the amount of dues, eras, and stages he went through. Salute to him! He’s always been such an innovator, and in fact he produced a lot of our demos and stuff. That’s where I met Ahmad, will1x [now known as] will.i.am, and it was all through that circle…They put anybody on the mic at The Wake Up Show. That’s the beauty of it. If you’re Big Pun, and you’re some upcoming emcee, they’ll do that, so they had me, Redfoo, Cuban Link, and Big Pun rhyming. I’ll never forget: Pun was sitting in his chair; he couldn’t sit all the way in it, so he was kind of leaning forward and I said, ‘Step to Evidence, you Evian backwards,’ which is ‘naive.’ He just pushed out his chair [and yelled]; he loved the line so much. I hope Wake Up Show documented it and one day I can talk to Sway or [King] Tech and try to get that, if it’s not out on YouTube already.

“That was the illest moment though,” Evidence continues, “For him to show love to me and be that dude who was spitting that fire. It gave me a lot of confidence though, and that’s something people who are on top don’t realize. Being cool or showing love to another rapper, you can inspire them. It becomes something positive versus the ‘I’m greater than you’ thing. We know who’s better between me and Big Pun; Pun is one of the best of all time, but at that moment he really gave me my due, and it felt great.” 

Dilated Peoples’ Directors Of Photography was released last week. The album features production from DJ Premier, Alchemist, Evidence and DJ Babu. The album also features appearances by Vince Staples, Krondon and Sick Jacken. 

Directors Of Photography recently earned a 4.5 out of 5 X rating in its HipHopDX review.

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