Sitting down with fellow Houston rapper Devin the Dude, Paul Wall explained the origins behind his stage name.

Referencing Houston legend DJ OG Ron C, Paul detailed a friendship with the deejay’s cousin that yielded a series of shout-outs from Ron C himself.

“Me and Ron C, I was cool with a lot of his family,” Paul Wall said. “We went to church together and one of his cousins, B Sight, that was my boy. We had a couple jobs together matter fact, we used to get down, he gave me the nickname Paul Wall. For some reason he just always called me that. We’d always go to parties and the clubs and Ron C was his cousin so we’d go there and Ron C [would say,] ‘Shout out to B Sight and what’s your name?’ [B Sight] would say, ‘Paul Wall.’  I’d be like, ‘Man don’t tell him that.’ Ain’t nobody know me then. We was in high-school. At my high-school, they didn’t know me as Paul Wall. So I’m getting shout outs and they like, ‘Man, they ain’t talking about you, you ain’t no Paul Wall.’ I was like, ‘Ah man. Quit saying Paul Wall.’ I used to hate it. Next thing you know man, everyone outside of our little circle started calling me Paul Wall ‘cause that’s how they knew me. Everywhere we’d go he’d introduce me, ‘This is my boy Paul Wall.’ Ah man, quit calling me that man. Next think you know it stuck with me. Shout out to B Sight.”  

While on the show, Wall also revealed former stage names he’s since left by the wayside.

“I was Overflow,” he said. “Another one I had was the Caped Crusader. Chamillionaire was Payroll. That was our group back then, Payroll and the Caped Crusader. We grew up on the same street so we lived a few houses down from each other. So we knew each other pretty much all our life. So we fell in love with Hip Hop same kind of way.”

Sharing plans to release two new projects, Paul Wall also announced the title of his next album and mentioned a group project in the works.

“Real shortly I’m getting ready to drop something called The Po Up Poet,” he said. “That drank poetry. And also, me and my boy Baby Bash and Scoop Deville we got a group called Legalizers.”

Earlier this year, Scoop Deville, who recently produced the Eminem featuring Busta Rhymes single “Calm Down,” posted a picture of the group in the studio.

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