Paul Wall has done several tours with the the United Service Organizations (USO), a nonprofit organization that provides programs, services and live entertainment to United States troops and their families. 

“I went to Kuwait, Baghdad, you know all through Iraq,” Paul Wall says during an interview with Blurred Culture. “I went to Qatar, Afghanistan. You know, it’s a real humbling experience. In Texas, it’s a lot military all over Texas station here and people come from here and go to military station elsewhere, so I got a lot of support from the military all coming up, so I just feel like, man, it’s my way of giving back.”

In addition to giving back, Paul Wall says that when he was coming up, he wanted to get into the local business of making and selling grills. 

“I wanted a grill,” Paul Wall says. “I figured the best way for me to get one, the cheapest way is for me to work for the one who makes them. So I started working for my boy Crime who was making grills at the time. He came down from New York and, keep in mind, before that, back in the ’90s, ’80s in Texas and all through the South, we had permanent gold teeth, when you get your teeth filed down and gold get permanent put on there.” 

Paul Wall also says that Crime was the one to bring removable gold teeth to Houston, something the city didn’t have before.

“When he brought them down here, I teamed up with him,” Paul Wall says. “I got down with him. I was hustling out of shops kind of doing, selling music out of my trunk, selling grills out of my trunk, too. And then I teamed up with Johnny Dang, he was the local, the grill man who made them for the dentist.”

Paul Wall went on to say that after teaming up with Johnny Dang, they started selling them together. 

Paul Wall then became known for his custom grills, supplying them to Lil Jon, among others.

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