To promote his most recent endeavor, Paul Wall joined the Breakfast Club to talk about his new line of grills.

During his interview with New York’s Power 105, the Houston native spoke about his current relationship with former running mate Mike Jones, explaining that all past animosity is a thing of the past. 

“I saw him at XXL [magazine’s headquarters] yesterday when we were leaving out he was just coming in,” he said when asked about Mike Jones. “We spoke, said what’s up. Ain’t no hard feelings on my part at all. Some people get it twisted and try to twisted around. I don’t know how he feels but there’s no hard feelings on my part at all. We had a hell of a run together, made lots of money together, we put on for our city, that’s something for me to be proud of.”

Wall continued saying that problems between those attaining success is a common occurrence.

“I definitely try to draw from the positivity,” he said. “We definitely had hard times like anybody, any record label, anyone who had any type of movement or who’s been doing it will have their ups and downs with people but there are no hard feelings.”

Paul Wall also talked about returning to the rap game and putting out music again. Wall said Houston’s resurgence in rap was heavily influential in his return to Hip Hop. 

“Slim Thug, he wired me up,” Paul Wall said when asked about his return. “Just seeing how the Texas culture has been, being so influential or just seeing it be so accepted around the world just really motivated us just to really go full speed like how we used to do back in the days when we were independent, putting out mixtapes, having fun with it, giving back to the fans, trapping out the trunk, doing a lot of meet and greets everywhere, giving back to the fans is where it all started for us.”

Watch Paul Wall’s full interview with The Breakfast Club below:

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