Fat Joe and Remy Ma haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but the two reconciled their differences over the years. Today, Fat Joe says, he has no beef with Reminisce. 

“She called me up and we made peace,” he says in an interview with XXL. “It was cool with me. I never had a problem. I never hated Remy. I mean, my feelings was hurt with whatever transpired between us. I never hated her. I wished her the best. I’m still rooting for her right now.”

After listening to Remy’s first post-prison track, “They Don’t Love You No More (Remix),” Fat Joe says Remy hasn’t missed a beat. 

“Remember when Jordan retired and he came back with the Washington Wizards?” he says. “He played against Kobe and it was a nationally televised game, right? And he scored like 40-something points. He was older, but he scored like 40-something points. I believe it was Jim Gray or somebody interviewing Kobe and he said, ‘Hey, what do you think of Jordan?’ He said, ‘Same old Jordan.’ We talking about the greatest player in the game. But he took a couple of years off. And Kobe said, ‘Same old Jordan.’ So when I heard her on the Khaled remix and she was spitting like she was spitting, I was like, ‘Same old Remy.’ [Laughs] Anybody who knows her, she’s spitting her ass off.”

When XXL’s Eric Diep comments on a verse off “They Don’t Love You No More (Remix),” calling it one of the best post-prison verses he’s heard, Fat Joe chimes in.

“Ever,” he says. “‘Cause everybody comes out of jail shaky. You know? No matter what. It’s big hype. You expect a lot. 99 percent of the time, like we’ve seen it over the years, people don’t come back the same. It ain’t the same thing, but she came right back six years later.” 

Beyond the song, Fat Joe says he has no concerns about her future in music.

“Remy Martin has no real challenge,” he says. “Remy Martin is loved. Remy Martin is, pound for pound, top one or two most lyrical female rappers in the world. [There’s] a lot of females out there. Not just rapping, but I’m just saying in general. A lot of female fans. She just gotta make hits. At the end of the day, [that’s] what my concern is. And she’s been taught by the hitmakers of the world. She’s gonna be alright. I have no concerns. 34 means nothing. You look, most rappers who are hot today are 34. She looks the same. She’s good.” 

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