Smack White says that the way rap battles are judged needed to evolve from polls.  

“Some of the emcees with higher profiles, even if they lost they just got so much fans it’s like they would [overshadow] in the polls,” he says, according to a story on “A lot of people would vote for the most popular. It started becoming like a popularity contest as opposed to who actually won the battle. So, we took the polls off and just had the people decide who they felt won. I liked the polls. I’m thinking about bringing the polls back so we could see and get a gauge of who actually won these battles.”

Smack White also says that different ways of evaluating Battle Rap are beneficial.

“We got the celebrity judges that we bring on just to get an opinion from,” he says. “Experienced artists that make music, to see what their level of insight is on who they thought won … It gives it a different feel. I think that it’s so many different ways to judge battles, it’s kind of difficult for one person to judge a battle. Some people might judge a battle on crowd reactions where you might judge a battle on punchlines. You might judge a battle on who’s the funniest.”

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