Capone and Noreaga are back as C-N-N and they’ve also linked up with Tragedy Khadafi for the duo’s upcoming album on Penalty Entertainment

“Yeah Trag my bro, man,” Capone says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “Trag is the reason I got into music and I’m the reason N.O.R.E. got into music. It’s like a chisel effect, a chain effect.” 

Capone says he met Tragedy in the studio one day, while he was with Jayo Felony and Jam Master Jay. 

“He was freestylin and I was upstate New York hustling,” Capone says. “Trag was like, ‘You should leave that shit alone. You should get your money. I could get you a record deal.’ And then the rest is history. 

“Me and N.O.R.E. was locked up together,” he continues. “We tried to be rappers together. We never even thought about it and when he came home, I seen an opportunity where I could get my brother some money, too, and we could make it happen. So that’s we were going to do. We grouped up and became a team as C-N-N and then Trag took it from there. He molded us ’cause we wasn’t seasoned. We never been in the studio, so he really molded us and taught us how to make records and that’ll always be my brother.”

Capone says that same type of influence that Tragedy had on earlier works is revisited on the group’s upcoming effort. 

“On this album, same thing,” Capone says. “He’s giving us an insight as being the Intelligent Hoodlum and all of them different alter egos he got. He’s giving it to us on this album. He’s definitely involved in this album.” 

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