Speaking with President Bejda and Mac Jay of the Murder Master Music Show, Freeway Ricky Ross detailed the status of his court case against the rapper who co-opted his name and also spoke about his recently released autobiography.

Asked if he’s ever encountered MMG founder Rick Ross face-to-face, Freeway Ricky Ross explained having seen him once at a court deposition.

“Yeah, we did,” he said. “One time in Miami during a deposition we were face-to-face. Never on the street. We haven’t had an encounter on the street yet.”

While on the show, Ricky Ross also updated the interviewers on his court case.

“We filed to the Supreme Court but that’s a long shot,” he said. “I gave it a valid fight and I think in the end the courts are gonna rule in their favor. You know, I did  everything I could. Right now I’m focused on this book. The book is out, it’s sick. It’s starting to get the kind of attention that I knew it would. I knew that everybody wanted to know the real story, what really happened and not some made up cartoon bullshit that people been putting out. Right now, I’m behind my book wholeheartedly and not really caring much about the lawsuit anymore ‘cause it’s hard to get the Supreme Court to hear your case let alone rule in my favor.”

Speaking more generally about Rick Ross and the industry at large, Ross went on to allude that the rapper “can’t even be [himself].”

“No homage is ever being paid,” he said. “It wasn’t like that when we came up. When we came up our stars always said good things about the guys before them. Jordan talked about Dr. J and them and shit. Now, you got the new attitude like, ‘Fuck who was before me, I’m better than all of ya’ll.’ It’s all me, me, me now. When you steal a motherfucker’s identity, that’s when you really crossing all the way over. You can’t even be yourself. If you a fake motherfucker you just fake. But when you impersonating somebody else, you the worse kind in my eyes. You faker than a fake motherfucker.”

Promoting his recent biography, Ross said that supporting the release is a fight against “fakism and fraud.”

“Believe it or not, when you buy that book, you’re fighting against fakism and fraud,” he said before describing his current speaking circuit. “I go to high-schools, colleges, junior high-schools, churches. I ain’t holding no punches because I believe the truth can set us free. With them extorting the truth takes away. We got a lot of guys in prison right now from that game. When you go around boasting and bragging about how much money you made selling drugs, it makes it hard on the guys who are actually in jail selling drugs. People, they don’t feel like they should give a guy a break ‘cause they heard you brag about how great the business is and how much money you make.”

Ross also announced a planned October release for an upcoming documentary.

“The documentary will be out in October…we thinking October 17,” he said. “We still have a little ways to go. We got a few things that we working on to get that stabilized. Once we get that stabilized hopefully in a year, maybe a year and a half, we’ll be on the big screen.”