Weeks after a California appeals court ruled in rapper Rick Ross’ favor in a lawsuit filed by Freeway Ricky Ross, Ricky Ross has revealed that he now plans on taking his case to the United States Supreme Court.

The former drug kingpin revealed the news during an interview on the Murder Master Music Show. Ricky Ross also stated that it was Ross’ first amendment right that protected the Maybach Music Group helmsman in the lawsuit since the name he used for his stage name was tweaked and turned into a character.

“They said that this was a first amendment right,” Ricky Ross said. “That he had a first amendment right to use my name. Basically, what they said is that anybody now can take anybody’s name and if they tweak it [as they said] and turn it into a character, you can use their name. Everybody’s name is fair game from what the courts is saying. As long as you tweak it and you not doing the same thing [is] basically what they did.”

Speaking further on his desire to take his case to the U.S. Supreme Court, Ricky Ross gave credit to his lawyer who he says was also willing to take the next step.

“Absolutely. We headed to the Supreme Court right now,” he said. “I was so thrilled in my lawyers, with such standup lawyers, that they called me even though—you know they been fighting with Universal and Warner Bros., two of the biggest corporations in this country. When we went to court they had about 15 lawyers and I had one lawyer. And she’s standing up. She told me she said…She called me and she was like ‘Man, what you think?’ And I was like ‘Man, I wanna fight on.’ And she was like ‘I do too.’ So, you know, it was like a mutual agreement between the two of us just to keep it moving.”

Ricky Ross, who says he has no plans on stopping until he gets justice, informed listeners that taking his case to the U.S. Supreme Court could take well over a year.

“You know that stuff it’s a drawn out battle. To go to the California Supreme Court took a year,” Ricky Ross said. “So, I can imagine to go the U.S. Supreme Court will take a little longer. But you know, I feel like time is on my side. I’m still out here pushing my movement.”

Prior to a verdict being reached in Ricky Ross’ case against Rick Ross, the former drug kingpin spoke exclusively with HipHopDX about being embraced by the rap community, the prison system, and more. During his conversation with HipHopDX, Ricky Ross also shared his belief that the drug business funded Hip Hop.

“We gotta be honest. The drug business funded Hip Hop,” he said. “Most guys didn’t have money to buy $1,000 turntables or mixing boards, so Hip Hop was funded by drugs…Nobody else was going to give us a loan. Nobody was going to give a young Eazy-E a loan to go out and do records, rent a studio or any of the stuff he had to do. Nobody was gonna loan him that money to pay someone to introduce him to Jerry Heller. So he had to get his money by any means that he could. By any means necessary.”

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