Ice Cube has responded to criticism over his recent “Drop Girl” single and video.

“To my hardcore fans, it’s only one song,” Ice Cube says in a video the rapper posted on Instagram. “When you see your girl dance to this shit, you’ll love me again.”

Ice Cube’s video features the following caption: “A message to the hardcore!” 

Cube was criticized for the 2 Chainz and Redfoo-assisted track by some, including HipHopDX reader “xhosa” who said the following in a comment for the “Drop Girl” video: “damn what a stupid song,why did Ice Cube have do this shit it useless…” Another reader, this one anonymous, called it “rotten.” A reader who calls himself “REAL WIGGA” also commented, saying, “HILARIOUS. 2 STARS FOR BEING FUNNY.” 

Ice Cube spoke to HipHopDX about this in the past.

“It’s a dope record,” he said. “It’s Ice Cube. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel at all. I’m just trying to be up to date with my topics and my flow.”

Cube’s Everthangs Corrupt is set to be released this year. 

To view the “Drop Girl” video, click here

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