Logic says that performing in New York holds special significance for him.

“New York, the energy here is like nowhere else, especially just because this is the birth of Hip Hop,” the Maryland-born and -raised rapper says in Myspace’s “Five Minutes To The Stage,” which is premiering exclusively on HipHopDX. “Everywhere you go from the South to the West, they all have their own flavor. And it’s amazing. The culture’s incredible where it’s built and how far it’s kind of gone out, but New York is still the home base of it. It’s like Africa, where the very first man was. That’s what it’s like.”

Now signed to Def Jam Recordings, Logic has performed at a variety of venues New York during his ascent in the rap industry. 

“I remember when I first did SOB’s for the first time ever and couldn’t believe I sold out,” he says. “It was amazing and it was so humbling. I mean I just had a mixtape out at the time and this and that. And then I went back again and then I did Irving [Plaza], and I’m doing here one more time and when the album’s out we’re gonna step it up, so every place is special in sense of the memories that it holds.”

Logic says that regardless of where he performs, though, that he sticks to certain pre-show routines. 

“I always pray before I go out for sure, just thank God for getting us here and keeping us going,” he says. “And then the second thing, which is really stupid, me and my DJ Rhetorik…we always like, I don’t know how it started but instead of like dapping each other up, we just try to get like the very, as close as we can without barely touching each other. It’s so stupid. So we’ll sit there for like five minutes, and they’re all screaming, ‘Logic. What the fuck Logic?’ like all the fans, and I’m just like, ‘Oh shit. We gotta get this first or we’re not going on stage.’”

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