Angie Martinez’s first Power 105 guest was Jay Z, who called in with a message for the radio personality. 

“I really believe that what you are about to accomplish in the next phase of your life will dwarf everything that you’ve ever done,” he said. “Because, that’s what people who are great do. You’re not termed ‘the voice of New York’ for no reason. You’re an institution in radio. That’s a pretty special feat to accomplish.” 

Jay Z continued, saying he isn’t the only one who is proud of Martinez’s accomplishments.

“Your son is somewhere at home,” he says. “He’s so proud of you.” 

Martinez added her own message about her first show on Power, saying: “I made minimal mistakes. I’m very proud of myself.”

jay Z’s interview is below, followed by a DX Daily clip regarding Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 departure

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