As one of a handful of artists featured on XXL magazines 2014 Freshman list, New Orleans singer/rapper Kevin Gates was asked what he thought about fellow lyricist Game criticizing XXL’s list of up-and-comers on his record, “Bigger Than Me.”

Gates revealed that he’s never heard Game’s song and says he can’t be bothered with entertaining the words of others.

“I heard that, but I ain’t never heard the song…I ain’t gon’ lie. At where I’m at in the game right now like I say penitentiary rules in effect,” he said during an interview with Vlad TV. “You know, when you getting off that bus, hitting that facility. They got people on their yards saying anything on their yard to you. But once you get on the yard that’s when it’s game time. So, I can’t entertain words. You can’t defeat me with words whoever you are. You know what I’m saying? And then that’s for anybody that say something about me. ‘Kevin Gates you a bitch ass, pussy ass nigga.’ I can’t entertain that. I got to stay focused. I can’t let nobody trick me off my position cause I know where I come from. I got my D.O.C. number tattooed on my hand…Department of corrections number. So, I’m already stamped. I’m official.”

Following the release of “Bigger Than Me,” Game revealed that the song was recorded months before XXL’s 2014 Freshman list was released. During a recent interview with Miss Info, the Los Angeles rapper revealed that he was angry when he recorded “Bigger Than Me” and says he didn’t mention “a specific double XXL cover” on the record.

Prior to speaking on Game and “Bigger Than Me,” Gates spoke on the emotions he felt upon finding out that he would be featured on the freshman cover.

“It was a blessing,” the rapper said. “Man, you know, I used to lay back in jail and look at the hoes in that bitch. Yeah, I used to lay back and look at the lil’ hoes in there. I used to lay back and just look at the XXL. I mean, even outchea in the streets you grab the magazine just see who’s in there. Your favorite rappers. You know? And I remember one freshman class—I forgot everybody that was on there, but they all had on all white. I was like ‘Man, I’mma be on that cover one day. One day I’mma be on that cover.’ I kinda knew it in my heart. And then, you know, all praise be to the higher power. Whatever faith anybody is. Whatever faith anyone is. But all praise be to the supreme being up above. It was a beautiful thing. [If] it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.”

Other artists featured on XXL’s 2014 Freshman cover include Chance The Rapper, Lil Bibby, Rich Homie Quan, and Jarren Benton.

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