A series of memes from Instagram user emanhudson, dubbed the “Fact-Checking Rap Meme” by BuzzFeed, point out the inaccuracies in lyrics from several prominent rappers. 

Kanye West, for instance, is singled out for rhyming “I keep it 300 like the Romans,” on Yeezus cut “Black Skinhead.” “But 300 was about Spartans…,” the meme says.

Nicki MInaj is berated for some of her rhymes on Young Thug’s “Danny Glover (Remix).” “I am not gay, but let’s be precise/‘Cause if she pretty, then watch it ‘cause I’mma be fuckin’ ya wife.” 

“But thats gay…,” the meme says.

Jay Z is targeted for some of his lyrics on “It’s Hot (Some Like It Hot),” a cut from his 1999 album, Vol. 3… Life And Times Of S. Carter

“Thirty-eight revolve like the sun ‘round the Earth,” Jay Z raps on the song. 

The meme’s retort: “But the Earth revolves around the sun…”

To view the entire collection of the memes, visit BuzzFeed.

The Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and Jay Z memes are as follows, as are the songs which the memes mock.

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