After a number of battlers have come out with reactions to Dizaster’s punching Math Hoffa over the weekend, President of the West Coast arm of the KOTD battle league spoke exclusively with Battle Rap to provide a different perspective. Claiming that the fight caused as much as $80,000 worth of damage, Aspect One also suggested that the incident has tainted the public image of the West Coast Battle Rap scene.

“We look like a bunch of pussy-ass fools jumping somebody who came out here by himself,” Aspect One said of the fight footage. “Came to the venue with one person. You guys didn’t even fucking let it be fair, like, let him get down on his own. Let Diz fight him by himself outside of the venue, outside of King of the Dot shit without fucking up our equipment. You don’t give a fuck about $80,000 you motherfuckers just fucked up. But you probably wanna fight me over this interview. This is real shit because it’s stupid bullshit. You think we safe if we go to fucking New York? You think we safe if I go out to New York and chill? What the fuck is ya’ll doing this for? How am I gonna book you for battles? How is anybody from New York gonna respect what the fuck what ya’ll did?”

Elsewhere in the interview, Aspect One said that the battle wasn’t the right setting for the fight.

“Diz I’ve known for 15 years,” he said. “I thought that was the most pussy move you could have ever done. If you was really about that fight and being about that fight, you would have fought him in New York when Total Slaughter was in the house. You feel me? It was only other battle rappers, it wasn’t your goons there with you. And I fuck with his goons. But your goons fucked up that night. Ya’ll fucked up. No matter how you look at it. I don’t care.”

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