In a statement released today (July 2), King Of The Dot (KOTD) founder Organik said that Dizaster is banned for life from KOTD after the rapper punched Math Hoffa at “BOLA 5” Saturday (June 28).

The ban can be lifted, however, and turned into a one-year suspension if Dizaster makes a public, genuine apology and pays a $2,500 fine.

“This is not a case of having Dizaster back in KOTD,” Organik said in his statement, “but a case of taking the right steps forward in killing any sort of animosity these actions have brought upon battle rap as a culture.”

Organik also said that Math Hoffa should be commended for how he has handled the situation and says that Math is merely a victim of violence. “He’s [Math Hoffa] a professional,” Organik said, “and has always conducted himself as one underneath the KOTD banner.”

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