Ab-Soul recently revealed his list of “7 Conspiracy Theories That Will Make You Question Everything,” a list he made for BuzzFeed

Here is a look at his theories: “The president is not actually the president;” “Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland;” “Spelling is a spell.”

Regarding this theory, Ab-Soul explains how language is vital. “Hell-o,” Ab-Soul says. “You greet people with hell. Be aware of spelling. You gotta think — language is self. Language is a survival tactic.” 

Another theory Soulo shares is that “‘Minority’ is a disingenuous concept.” 

“What race of people do you hear referred to as minorities?” he says. “Non-white people, Blacks and Hispanics. The ‘minorities.’ But they’re not in the minority.” 

Soul also shares that “The word ‘racism’ is a tool for injustice,” and that “UFOs have been identified.” 

“UFOs,” he says. “Unidentified Flying Objects, plural. I think they’ve been identified. We have a lot of reason to believe that NASA or the space intelligence is confidential. A lot of the pictures that you see have been photoshopped. If you’re into that, you can dig into that.” 

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