Los Angeles rapper Game once again shared his thoughts on the recent G-Unit reunion at Summer Jam last month. He revealed that it was dope that 50 Cent allowed Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo to “stack chips” and says that although he’s straight, the idea of reuniting with the other members of G-Unit would be dope.

Game addressed the G-Unit reunion during an interview with Hot 97’s Miss Info, after being asked what he thought about being labeled bipolar by 50 Cent.

“I think he bipolar, which is why we even worked together in the first place,” Game said. “I think that 50 is very, very rich. I think he doesn’t need to make music if he doesn’t want to. It’s like Dr. Dre. He don’t have to. I think that I got enough things going in my life and I’ve saved enough money to where I don’t even have to make music. I think it’s dope that he allowed Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo to go out and stack chips. You know what I’m saying? And he’s out there with em. And he’s doing stuff to keep them going. I think that’s dope. I think [as] separate entities we will be okay if I never reunited with G-Unit. If it happened I think that would be dope, but I mean, I’m straight.”

The West Coast wordsmith also spoke on “Bigger Than Me,” a song that takes aim at crooner Frank Ocean and a group of XXL Freshmen. Game revealed that since he recorded the song in August of last year, he couldn’t have taken aim at the XXL Freshmen 2014 class.

“It was a night where I was angry,” he said. “I don’t even remember—I was in Miami, it was just an angry night. I don’t remember what I was angry at…I made that song last August, which is crazy. It just makes sense. And you know what’s crazy? What people get twisted? I didn’t say a specific double XXL cover. There’s been 12 that I’ve seen. All I said was ‘Yo Freshmen cover a whole bunch of soft dudes.’ Which could have been anyone. But it went perfect cause I had the whole little ‘ChiRaq [To LA]’ joint popping off. So, I thought about it. And my homeboy Stat was like ‘Yo, you should put out ‘Bigger Than Me’ cause it makes sense.’ So, we did.”

Game later recalled working with English singer Ed Sheeran in the studio recently.

“He rode a bike to the studio,” the rapper said. “He worth about $15 million. He rode a bike, a mountain bike to the studio. From like—I don’t know where he came from…He came from Hollywood to the Valley on a bike. With the guitar on his back. I had no idea who Ed Sheeran was before he tweeted. But now I know. And he’s amazing…He’s a very, very cool guy. So, I tone it down a little bit. But when I step in the booth I gotta do me. And that’s what we wanted was for his world to meet mine and sort of collide and make beautiful music.”

In addition to his work with Ed Sheeran, Game is also preparing for the release of The Documentary 2 and the Blood Money La Familia album, which is slated for release on September 16.

Video of Game’s interview with Miss Info can be found below (via HotNewHipHop).

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