Recently, Pusha T discussed the goal and expectations that he has for his upcoming album, King Push.

“This next album is like a heavy proclamation to me,” Pusha T says in an interview with XXL. “I told people last year I had the album of year. And I felt that I did. I really feel that King Push has to live up to that same hip-hop expectation… My goal is always to have Hip Hop album of the year.”

When discussing what fans can anticipate from the album, Pusha explained: “I don’t know about everyone else, but if you want Hip Hop, you’re gonna get that from me.”

Pusha T says that he is in no hurry to release the album and that he is planning to reveal the effort “when this music is right.”

In April 2014, Pusha T spoke about his upcoming album with HipHopDX.

For King Push, I’ve been taking my time with it. I’m not rushing it, and I’m not forcing it. Everybody knows I took like a month off of touring and everything to go to Miami and get with Pharrell and Chad. I got back on tour, and I’ve been taking beats. Shout out to Needlz, shout out to Nottz…there’s other producers who have been submitting things and coming up with some hot stuff. I just left L.A. I was out there meeting with ‘Ye about the King Push album, listening to beats with him and trying to get everything right.

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