With Dizaster removing himself from the KOTD battle league entirely following his punching Math Hoffa during a battle over the weekend, battler and rapper Dirtbag Dan reacted to the incident. Speaking with Battle Rap, Dan talked about the possible outcome of the punch.

“Lesson to be learned from this is: we’re gonna punch each other sometimes,” he said. “It’s not cool. It shouldn’t be condoned. Put big people in the ring so that we can’t punch each other. Straight up. Have Trick Trick stand there and just look at us. He says I can’t punch anybody then no one’s punching anybody. It’s a no-punch zone. Until they have some kind of people saying, ‘There’s gonna be immediate consequences, not like, I’ll take your money or I won’t let you battle later, you’re gonna have a problem right now if you swing on this dude,’ it’s gonna happen in the future. I just don’t think it’s ‘bad for the culture.’”

Adding that “it definitely did more for the culture view-wise than Total Slaughter or the Ab-Soul thing,” Dan said the “we’ll see how good it is for the culture” of the fight.

“I know the Worldstar numbers aren’t always a hundred percent accurate, but it’s probably like 2 million views on Worldstar now,” he said. “That’s fucking crazy…Battles don’t do that. Well, we’ll see how good it is for the culture. We ain’t going back to the club again I’ll tell you that much.”  

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