Joey Bada$$, co-founder of Pro Era (also known as Progressive Era), reflects on former member Capital Steez, who passed away on Christmas Eve 2012 due to an apparent suicide. Joey Bada$$ said via Twitter that day that he “lost a best friend, a brother, a pro, a partner.”   

“Every show, like beforehand, we do a prayer for Steez and onstage we do a moment [of] silence for him and we got this whole section for him, you’re going to see it tonight,” Joey Bada$$ says in Myspace’s Joey Bada$$ x Five Minutes To The Stage, which is premiering on HipHopDX.  

In the video, the Brooklyn rapper also says what it’s like to perform in his home state of New York. 

“When it’s New York, I know I got to come correct,” he says in the video. “When you do shows here, home, you just got to expect that. You got to expect 50 people here in your line like, ‘Yo I’m trying to go to your show tonight’ so it’s just something I guess I got used to. You feel me, like, my management helps me a lot in dealing with it. You know it’s pretty cool that anytime I’m here everybody that’s backstage is family, you feel me, ’cause this is home.”

Two years after releasing his debut solo mixtape, 1999, Joey Bada$$ says what it feels like to be on stage. 

“I feel like this is what I’m born to do,” he says in the Myspace video. “ hen I’m on stage, that’s the moment that I work for. Like when I’m writing songs, it’s all to get on that stage and showcase it so when I’m here, I’m here. And Imma tear it down.”

Myspace’s Joey Bada$$ x Five Minutes To The Stage video is as follows:

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