Lil Wayne has announced Da Other Album, a project set to follow Tha Carter V, according to MTV

“D.O.A.” Lil Wayne says. “Da Other Album.”

The project is set to drop two months after Tha Carter V is released. However, Wayne says he doesn’t know exactly when Tha Carter V is set to be available to the public. 

“I’m so not good with that,” Wayne says. “I think it drops either in September and then we have…ah, I can’t tell you the sneak thing. Anyway, yeah, I think it drops in like September or something like that, or August…It might drop…in July [or] August 25 or something like that.”

Wayne has confirmed that he is “done” with the album. 

Recently, Lil Wayne celebrated Tha Carter’s 10-year anniversary. Earlier this year, Wayne confirmed he would release two albums this year

Lil Wayne’s recent MTV interview is below. 

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