Following the chaos that broke out after Dizaster punched Math Hoffa following their battle at King Of The Dot’s “BOLA 5” event in Los Angeles Saturday (June 28), spoke exclusively with the event’s co-host, Lush One, regarding the commotion that unfolded. In the interview, KOTD’s Lush One said he now hopes that the fight will stimulate a proper conversation with the appropriate people on how to prevent a similar altercation from occurring again. 

“This is exactly what we expected, even though it’s the last thing in the world that we actually wanted,” Lush One says. “What we were attempting to do with this battle is show that even people that have beef, that have got issues with each other, can resolve it through Battle Rap, not as means to further perpetuate the beef. Obviously we just folded the fuckin’ Internet in half, so that is what it is. I guess me being the optimist that I am, I’m just looking at it like maybe this will at least open up the discussion – because now it’s not just a one-time thing. It’s not just [Math] Hoffa swinging, cause now someone threw the first punch on Hoffa – so what do we do about this? What do we do to prevent this from happening in the future?

“You don’t have to be like that,” Lush One continues. “Daylyt and [Charlie] Clips, those fools are from the hood. Those fools are straight grimy with it, with their bars and shit. They have an image that lends itself to the street and that type of activity, but they kept it lyrical. They can transcend whatever it is with just their bars. People need to use that as an example and at the end of the day, that’s gonna be the battle from this event that is potentially gonna be discussed as a classic. Now that punch was classic. The battle was dope up until then. That was kind of the worst part about it.”

To watch a video of Lush One talking about Daylyt and his battles with Charlie Clips and Ab-Soul, visit Battle Rap.

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