Illmaculate, who has battled in various countries, says Eminem’s Total Slaughter can change the Battle Rap culture. 

“Battle Rap has a huge following, but it’s still almost kinda like an inside thing,” Illmaculate says in an interview with Battle Rap. “Even the references, like you almost have to know some history of like this dude’s last battle, that’s not the case with every battle, but like there’s a lot of like inside [information] and subcultural references and I think that Total Slaughter has the ability to once again up the stakes and put it on a larger scale and maybe open up some resources for the battle community at large.” 

Eminem’s Total Slaughter is a reality television series that pits some of the most prominent battle rappers against one another. The series showcases their battling and their personal lives. The show leads up to a Battle Rap event set to feature Joe Budden versus Hollow Da Don and Murda Mook versus Loaded Lux

Illmaculate recently released Clay Pigeons and he has an upcoming battle against Aye Verb at King of the Dot’s Battle of LA 5 event set to take place tomorrow (June 28).

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