Chris Miles, a 15-year-old rapper who says he is from New York, has signed a deal with Warner/Chappell that could land him more than $1.5 million plus royalties in five albums, according to TMZ

Miles, who had his America’s Got Talent audition tape go viral, signed a deal for as many as five albums. The contract, which TMZ has obtained, shows Miles will receive $182,500 as an advance for the first album. If it does well, the next four albums could make him more than $1.5 million.

Miles addressed his music on Twitter today (June 27).

“All these pictures and videos that blogs are posting are like 2 years old … my new music is insane. Be on the lookout this summer,” he said. 

Miles also posted a more recent music video on Twitter, which is below, followed by the America’s Got Talent clip. 

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