In the wake of Daylyt saying he has officially been signed to Shady Records, a source at the label has addressed the matter. 

“Daylyt is immensely talented and is cool with everyone up here but is not signed to Shady. #totalslaughter,” the source said to MTV

Eminem has signed Daylyt on as part of his Total Slaughter reality series, which airs on Fuse. Daylyt and other battle rappers, including Dizaster, appear on the program as Total Slaughter’s event nears, an event set to feature Hollow Da Don versus Joe Budden and Loaded Lux versus Murda Mook

Recently, Day said he was signed to Shady Records“Big shouts out to Eminem for making that legit,” he said at the time. “Daylyt is an official member of Shady Records. It’s just a lot of stuff.”

Daylyt appears on Ab-Soul’s These Days… in a battle track that pits him against the TDE star. 

Despite battling, Ab recently explained why Day is one of his favorites.

“Daylyt is from L.A.,” he says. “One of our first great battle rappers from L.A. I just thought it would be dope to try that out, to see if I can do it. More than anything, blur the lines between rappers being able to Battle Rap and battle rappers. Can they be rappers? That’s a big discussion as well. I wanted to do that for that purpose.”

Photography By: Andres Tardio

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