In a newly-published video, Detroit rapper Trick Trick remained relatively tight-lipped about what may or may not have happened between himself and Rick Ross during the weekend of HOT 107.5’s Summer Jamz concert in Detroit.

Trick Trick did sternly criticize those who have reported their alleged interaction as something negative. He did not refer to Rick Ross by name during the nearly 12-minute long video, but did state that “Nothing happened to him.”

“I do recognize it’s a lot of things going on on the internet and in the media concerning myself and concerning another individual,” Trick Trick said. “Well, concerning myself and that individual is none of your mothafuckin business. That’s a grown man. I’m a grown man. Grown men don’t put grown man business out to the mothafuckin public. If I wanted to address it I would have addressed it. If I wanted to promote it I would have promoted it. I move how I move because I stand for something. My ‘No Fly Zone’ ain’t about taking nobody’s money. I don’t want yo mothafuckin money…That man said didn’t nothing happen to him. He’s correct. Nothing happened to him.”

At one point in the video Trick Trick drew attention to the fact that hours before his alleged encounter with Rick Ross, a child was murdered up the street and received little attention. He then encouraged those to “Quit trying to live your mothafuckin life through some damn phone.”

“Y’all should’ve been talking about all of the great artists that did perform that evening,” he said. “The good part about it. Instead of going right after the negativity. Y’all all got the game fucked up. That’s what’s wrong with this mothafucka now. Ain’t nobody talking about no music. That man’s a musician. I’m a musician. We musicians. Our business don’t belong on the internet. And it ain’t none of your mothafuckin business what me and that man [got] going on. Or what the fuck happened out there that day…What the fuck I look like telling a man he gotta pay me to come to my damn city…I don’t mean no-mothafuckin-body no harm. If I had an incident with an individual and some hands got put on that mothafucka. Aye, got dammit that’s what the fuck happened.”

Over the weekend it was reported that Rick Ross was blocked from performing at HOT 107.5’s Summer Jamz concert by a group of over 100 people. HOT 107.5’s program director, Jay Hicks even stated that Rick Ross was “in fear of his life.”

Contrary to Hicks’ statement, Ross posted a message on Twitter informing fans that he was met with “a peace protest” outside of the concert and was eager to perform for those in Detroit.

Trick Trick’s video can be found on YouTube.

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