Rick Ross cancelled his weekend appearance at Detroit, Michigan radio station Hot 107.5’s Summer Jamz concert yesterday (June 22) and now the venue has released a statement on the matter.

Hot 107.5’s program director, Jay Hicks, said the cancellation was due to Ross being confronted by 100 people outside of Chene Park Amphitheater, where Summer Jamz was held. “[Ross] is in fear of his life,” Hicks said.

There has been speculation regarding the party responsible for Ross’s appearance cancellation. AllHipHop, for instance, said the confrontation was allegedly due to Trick Trick’s “No Fly Zone.” This means, according to the publication, that there are No Fly Zone “laws which prevent artists from making money in the city without getting their ‘clearance papers’ approved by the Goon Sqwad member.” 

Now, The Right Productions, Inc, which manages Chene Park, has released a statement regarding the matter to AllHipHop. Shahida Mausi, president and CEO of Right Productions, says the following: 

“This incident greatly saddens me and our entire team at The Right Productions who work so diligent to host and produce outstanding entertainment performances at Chene Park. Reports from our venue operations and security teams indicate as a result of between 100-150 individuals lead by a local rapper, prevented and threatened to harm Ross if he entered the grounds to perform at Chene Park Amphitheater. The band of individuals orchestrated a human blockade around the service entrance to the venue – preventing Mr. Ross and his entourage from entering the premises. A decision was made from Mr. Ross’ team the conditions were becoming threatening and posed a security risk.

We want to extent our deepest regrets to our patrons who attended Summer Jamz17 who should have been treated to an outstanding performance from Rick Ross. We have the upmost respect for our guests at Chene Park and they deserve better. This is the fifth Summer Jamz event we have hosted with our partner Radio One and Host 107.5 FM – and until this point with no incident. Acts of intimidation, bullying, threats or violence of any kind that compromises the security and enjoyment of our shows will not be tolerated at Chene Park.

I will be reviewing this matter with our collective team and sponsoring host to ensure the integrity and respect we hold for our patrons and artists is upheld for future acts performing at Chene Park Amphitheater.”

Patrons can purchase a discounted ticket for a future Chene Park show through the venue’s website.

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