50 Cent and Carmelo Anthony, championing their SMS brand, recently spoke with Yahoo! about how their brand stacks up against Beats. 

“We don’t want to compete with Beats,” Anthony says. “They’re gonna do their own thing.”

50 Cent agrees. 

“They’re in a different orbit,” 50 says.

Beyond saying they don’t want to compete with Beats, the SMS representatives also address the Apple acquisition of Beats Electronics. 

“Why would Apple buy Beats?” 50 Cent says. “To buy a brand, for a company as strong and established as Apple, means you’re buying Cool.”

In May, Apple announced that it acquired Beats Electronics and Beats Music for $3 billion.

In his Yahoo! interview, 50 also says people are set to move on to a new product due to Beats’ popularity. 

“You get to a broad level where everybody’s owned Beats,” 50 Cent says. “[Everyone] goes, ‘OK that’s cool, everybody has that — I want to try something else; I’ve had that already.’

“It’s like when you buy a car,” 50 Cent adds. “You get a new car. You buy aftermarket parts. You create a new identity. You have a brand new vehicle, but you want different seats, different things to make the car yours.” 

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