This week HipHopDX took a look at some of Eminem’s most notable lyrics in two separate features, one spotlighting his most “maniacal” and the other his most “definitive” bars. Game released a new track full of some direct shots for XXL’s Freshman List before following suit with a video days later.

Outside of the Top 3, Drake joined Wiz Khalifa on stage for his first time smoking marijuana while performing. G-Unit also let loose yet another new single but this time co-opt some vintage RZA production for the effort. Other DX features like 50 Cent’s “Top 20 Remixes That Are Better Than The Original” and some of Kendrick Lamar’s most slept on bars also make the list.

HipHopDX Spotlights Eminem’s Lyricism

Two separate features on Eminem rose to the top of the list this week. First, earlier this week, HipHopDX gathered a list of the 8 Mile rapper’s most maniacal bars. “Eminem’s wordplay, psychotic lyrics and voice were just a few of the reasons we got into his music during the mid ’90s,” DX’s Michael Trampe wrote. “In the early part of his career, he was saying things never heard from any other emcee in the game. His delivery, cadence and demeanor were unique, interesting and believable.”

Included in the list are tracks like “3 A.M.,” “My Darling,” “Murder Murder,” and several tracks on which Eminem features.

Game Disses XXL Freshman Class

Released not long after the XXL Freshman Class was announced, Game took aim at all of the young rappers featured in his latest “Bigger Than Me” single. While the track may act as some clever, promotional agitation ahead of a planned release, Game went on to release a horror-themed set of visuals this week as well.

“I came in with ‘Ye, Jeezy, and boss ass niggas / Your Freshman cover a whole bunch of soft ass niggas / Tampon lyricists, evacuate the premises / Mute BET ciphers ‘cause I don’t wanna hear that shit,” he raps.

Following the song’s release, Game addressed the shots in an interview with DJ Skee. “I don’t have no reservations about everybody doing they thing,” he said. “It just gets a little soft at times. It kinda pisses me off. And I give my two cents.”

Drake Lights Up With Wiz Khalifa On Stage

Having addressed his not smoking or drinking during performances previously, Drake took his Houston Appreciation Weekend as a chance for a change of pace. Joined by Wiz Khalifa on stage, Drake admitted to never having smoked during a performance before exclaiming “Fuck it!” and accepting a joint from Wiz.

Video of the incident is available on HipHopDX here.

This Week’s Top 10

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8. Mike WiLL Made-It f. Future, Lil Wayne & Kendrick Lamar – “Buy The World”

9. Tupac Shakur – “5 Prophecies Fulfilled In His Music”

10. Kendrick Lamar – “8 Unheard Bars”

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