Marlon Wayans says that Ray J is the target of several jokes during an episode of his new comedy reality show, Funniest Wins, which premieres on TBS today (June 20) at 10 pm EST.

“We roast him and his penis a lot,” Wayans said of Ray J after an exclusive screening of the first episode of Funniest Wins in Los Angeles yesterday (June 19). “Jenny [Zigrino, one of the contestants] said that his dick was so crooked, she saw it on Sesame Street trying to teach little kids the letter ’S.’ That shit made me laugh.”

Ray J starred in a sex tape with Kanye West’s now-wife, Kim Kardashian, which was released seven years ago.

Wayans, who appears in and executive produced Funniest Wins, serves as a mentor of the comedians who are vying for a $100,000 prize and the opportunity to star in a show on Wayans’

The comedians — Zigrino, Billy Sorrells, Christina Pazsitzky, Jason Nash, Key Lewis, Manon Matthews, Matt McManus, Ryan “Rydoon” Muldoon, Sydney Castillo and Tiffany Haddish — are tasked with delivering a variety of styles of comedy, from skits to standup.

In the first episode, the comedians reference Jay Z and other pop culture figures.

(June 20, 2014)

UPDATE: The episode of Funniest Wins that features a roast of Ray J is slated to air on TBS today (July 18) at 10 pm EST.

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