Rikki Martinez, a radio personality in Los Angeles, California’s Power 106, says Angie Martinez is the “epitome of success and respect.” 

“Angie’s a staple in Hip Hop radio,” Rikki Martinez, a Southern California native, says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “She is to new/peer personalities, what Jay Z is to new/peer rappers. [She is] the epitome of success and respect. As we’ve seen with her departure, the love for her is undeniable.

“I was definitely influenced by Angie,” Rikki adds. “As an interviewer, she’s a great example that your success in this game is greatly attributed to how you carry yourself and what kind of relationships you build. She’s not out to get a headline or gossip on artists [and] celebs. She’s not out to bash them, either. Angie just wants to have good conversations with the people who lead our culture.” 

Angie Martinez recently resigned from New York radio station Hot 97 and transitioned to New York’s Power 105, a move that surprised Rikki, along with many others. 

“The move is a shock, personally felt like I saw Kobe [Bryant] leave the [Los Angeles] Lakers, but as a fan of both the individual and their team, you can only wish them well and watch as it all plays out,” Rikki says. 

“Her move is already pushing our culture forward,” she adds, “leaving an open space at the giant that is Hot 97 for another star to shine. Hip Hop radio is blessed to still have many of our greatest icons present, and Angie’s move is a shot and reminder to the new school that opportunity is out there. I believe it was [DJ] Enuff who addressed the new school during Angie’s last show at Hot, saying it’s up to them now to work and build their own iconic-ness. That’s so real. And all in all, this is an exciting time.” 

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