Meteorologist and television personality Al Roker recently chopped it up with DJ Whoo Kid on The Whoolywood Shuffle as he discussed the Illuminati, Solange Knowles’ elevator encounter with Jay Z, and the Michael Jackson hologram at this year’s Billboard Music Awards.

During his appearance on Shade 45’s The Whoolywood Shuffle, Roker even questioned Eminem’s absence at the Sirius XM radio station the Detroit rapper launched close to a decade ago.

“My show’s called ‘Wake Up With Al.’ On the Weather Channel,” he said. “I don’t show up. Why are they calling it that…So, I don’t know, I feel somewhat of an obligation to be there. If they’re paying me and using my name, I figure I should show up. [Does] Eminem even exist? Has anyone seen him?”

Roker later recalled being on an escalator with singer Solange Knowles prior to her physical altercation with Jay Z in an elevator last month. He also revealed that he would have “stood back and let her wail” if he was in Jay Z’s place during the encounter at the Standard Hotel.

“Is he in the Illuminati? Jay Z has not been on the ‘Today Show,’” Roker said. “Not that I know of. Yes, Solange has been on there. That’s right. Good thing worked out…I was on an escalator with her. That could have really turned ugly. Could have been ugly…I would have just stood back and let her wail.”

Lastly, the “Today Show” host shared his thoughts on the Michael Jackson hologram at the Billboard Music Awards. He called the hologram “creepy” and questioned how far the use of Jackson’s image via hologram could possibly go.

“It was a little creepy,” he said. “Michael really didn’t have much say in using his image. He could have been doing a Burger King commercial. They can do anything with this guy. Granted it’s his estate, but it’s just a little—I would just assume, just remember him the way he was.”

Al Roker’s interview with DJ Whoo Kid can be found below.

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