Los Angeles and its surrounding cities have been among the most influential in the development of Rap music. Green Label has created a list of “15 Key Moments In LA Hip Hop History,” which includes Southern California’s gangster Rap legacy, as well as some of its less celebrated contributes to the genre.

“Abstract and less commercial movements have included record labels like Stones Throw and Delicious Vinyl,” the Green Label story says, “where acts such as Madlib and The Pharcyde had freedom to let their creativity run wild.”

One of the entries on the list is “93.5 K-Day Taking Over The Airwaves.”

“The first station to play Hip Hop at all times of the day, K-DAY was instrumental in launching the careers of many West Coast veterans,” Green Label says. “Undergoing a number of changes throughout time, K-DAY started on the AM dial and abandoned its musical format altogether before once again landing on a solid formula.”

To read the full “15 Key Moments In LA Hip Hop History” list, visit Green Label.