Nas, who raised a few eyebrows with his lyrical beat down of many TV and sports personalities on “These Are Our Heroes (Coon Picnic),” appeared on ESPN’s Sportscenter to address one his targets…LA Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant.

The song addressed Kobe’s since dismissed rape trial as well as his character. From dissing Shaq to trying to be like Mike, it was all aired out with lines like “Now you lose sponsorships that you thought had your back/Yeah, you beat the rap jiggaboo, fake n*gga you/You turn around then you sh*t on Shaq.”

“That kind of action is what we call the action of a sellout,” Nas told Sportscenter. “My biggest disappointment with Kobe is the question of who is he.”

Nas went on to compare Kobe to now-rival Shaquille O’Neal, who Kobe told authorities during his trying times that he should have paid his women to be quiet- like Shaq does. “I can feel who Shaquille O’Neal is. I can feel his vibe, he’s a star and he’s a hit. But Kobe Bryant, one minute he’s Michael Jordan, the next minute he’s Allen Iverson, and I think he’s just confused right now.”

It is no secret that Kobe is not the darling of the NBA as he was when he first entered the league. Now Kobe is public enemy #1 and when you have somebody the likes of Nas questioning not your basketball ability but your character it says a lot.