VladTV caught up with Big T after his battle with B-Magic at NOME 4 June 7 in New York. The Chicago lyricist spoke about the battle, stating that he’s the victor. 

“I think the battle was good,” he said. “I think B-Magic just fucked up his round two and three. I say B Magic did good on round two. If he was tight enough he could of probably got away with it. That’s in the room, but he fucked up in the room. I’m more better on camera anyway, so it’s a good battle. It was cool. We both could of did better but I’m gonna take that W home with me.”

VladTV also spoke with B-Magic, who warns his frustration with the battle will be unleashed upon his next opponent. 

“Wait until this next battle,” he said. “Imma kill me a nigga, man. That just made me mad, though. That performance right there made me mad. Everybody giving me the W, but I wanted it flawlessly, that’s all. But for the most point but that’s just made me mad for my next battle.”

Elsewhere in the interviews, Big T discusses the reaction from the crowd, the Cortez/T-Rex battle and chooses between NOME 3 and NOME 4. B-Magic also talks about the reasons behind his chokes and his opponent, Big T. 

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